“Sorry, not interested.”

(Says the person you KNOW is a perfect lead) 

You stand there, dumbfounded, knowing this was a slam dunk sale. And yet, there they go. Walking away, hanging up, or coldly ending an email thread without so much as a “thank you.”

How often does this happen? To you or to ANYONE selling something we know is valuable?

The truth? It happens more often than you might think.

In fact, this happens so often that there’s a term given to the root cause of this particular type of moment:

The Curse Of Knowledge

According to the Curse Of Knowledge, the more you know about something, the harder it is to describe to someone else.

Let’s say you’re selling something.

(Long shot, I know…)

You’ve been intimately familiar with your product or service for months, or even years. So the knowledge you’ve built up ABOUT that product or service creates a wall between you and your prospect.

In order to scale this wall and meet your prospect where they “are,” to speak, you need a strategy that shows you the steps in your sales process that you’re skipping. Fortunately, there’s an exercise for that, and it’s called:

The Chain Of Logic

Using the Chain Of Logic, we can examine our own sales processes from a new point of view. It allows us to exit the “forest,” so to speak, in order to see the trees.

Imagine your sales process as a series of steps like this:



Now imagine your prospect is way down at step 1. They know nothing about you or your business.

You, on the other hand, are intimately familiar with your business. You know so much about it that you’re at a disadvantage. The mindset of your prospect is so foreign that it’s really difficult to enter their “shoes” and start a sales conversation off without the prospect feeling like they have to catch up.

The first part of the Chain Of Logic gives you the power to fully step into your prospect’s shoes, moving them from one A-HA! moment to the next, eventually building up enough momentum to buy. 

Watch the first part of the exercise video above, and if you would like to watch the rest, click here and we’ll send it to you securely in Facebook Messenger.

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Chain Of Logic Exercise

We’ve designed an exercise worksheet that will help you implement this strategy in your own business. To download it, click here and we’ll send it to you securely in Facebook Messenger.