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If you are looking for a reliable agency who listens to you and then executes a well-laid plan around your goals, you’re in the right place.

We are the go-to tech team for established brands around the world, and our retention rates are above 95% because we focus on the thing that matters: your business. We can talk all day about the tools and strategies we’ve used with other clients, but what really matters is whether we understand your business and can help you hit your goals.

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Growth Lab comes in three versions

Which one is right for you?

What does “Unlimited Optimization” mean?

We’ll add new pages, 

The higher two tiers of Growth Lab include Unlimited Optimization for your funnel. This means that our team will be monitoring your funnel’s performance (up to 6 pages) every day, making small tweaks and running experiments to improve your conversion rates and sales.

Our experiments are proprietary, which means that we can’t always share the reasoning behind them. The research that our strategy team does is based in neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social psychology, and a lot of the optimizations we make are based on insights that we hold close to the chest – but you can rest assured they work.

You can also rest assured that all of the small changes that you want to make along the way, such as logo updates, copywriting changes, adding or removing bullet points, and so on, will all be taken care of quickly by our team. Oh, and it doesn’t cost anything extra.

Unlimited Optimization. It’s just one way Team Vivid is providing you with the best marketing experience possible.

Growth Lab Member Perks

These Benefits Are Included In All Levels Of Growth Lab

When it comes to downtime, it’s always too late.

Site Monitoring

“Our systems never sleep – so you can.”

When you join Growth Lab, we’ll set up all of the necessary monitoring systems using a tool called Pingdom (which we pay for) to ensure your pages and website never go down. If they do for any reason, we alert you and go to work immediately to get it fixed

Pixels, scripts, and tags – oh my!


“Never worry about another tracking code again”

As a Growth Lab member, you receive an immediate upgrade of your funnel pages with the most advanced tracking software available on the market. Even if you already have tracking of your own, you can rest assured Team Vivid is watching carefully and sending you feedback.

Bet you’ve never thought of THIS!

Left-Field Report

“We come up with the creative ideas, and you decide if you like them”

Every Growth Lab member receives a monthly Left-Field Report. This report is written by a strategist on Team Vivid who is assigned to – and responsible for – the success of your marketing strategy. The purpose of the report is to share new strategies that would benefit your brand and boost sales.

“A place for your hustle to call home”


“Want to get industry-leading marketing training for your team? This is it.”

Growth Lab comes with membership inside Hustlers Lab at no extra cost. Hustlers Lab is our monthly subscription-based training program where we share new strategies, tests, trainings, and resources that serve as the backbone of our most successful marketing campaigns. This is optional for you to use, and most of our Growth Lab clients find this immensely valuable for their marketing team’s training.

"Leads increased ten-fold"

Our CEO is thrilled...

Our team at Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! After joining Growth Lab, we've seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. Our dedicated project manager knows everything that's happening, which means it's easy to hand off new campaigns and know they will be properly managed. Our internal team can finally focus on new projects now that Vivid Labs has everything else under control. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT now function without them.

Kelly Dahmer | Growth Lab Client

NextLevel Practice Director of Marketing & Alliances

every project matters

We're a technology business with a human heart. We believe in building great, big things that improve the world we know. Our mission to improve humanity using innovation and scale to address the top challenges facing our world.

A portion of Vivid Labs profits are distributed monthly to our two cause partners, and ShareTheMeal. Our goal is to make the success of our business equal to the improvement of the human race.

We are deeply proud to work with our clients

"Working with Vivid Labs over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial. We're in our next launch now and are planning for the biggest one yet thanks to the team at Agency Golden. Their service and support is top-tier in the industry and I'm proud to be working with them!"

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"Vivid Labs has always provided high-quality and professional marketing support for our websites, brands, and ongoing promotions. For over a year, we've worked with their super-talented team of creatives and strategists. They're always responsive and understanding to our requests, and they embrace our custom projects, from e-book design to marketing funnel strategy."

Rory Callaghan

Founder, FillYourCup & BfreeBwell

"From advice to execution to truly understanding internet marketing, Vivid Labs really knows what they are doing and how to take care of their clients. I have worked with some of the best and they truly soar above the rest. If you're looking for a company to handle your internet marketing needs and stop looking and try them out. You won't be disappointed."

Jamin Van Dillen

Founder, Audio Alchemy Keys

The Whimsical Rebel

together, we feed
hungry families in need

Every month, our completed client projects add to our monthly giving to ShareTheMeal, a United Nations campaign to combat world hunger. Every meal that we donate helps save lives and bring kids and their parents closer to better lives.

current giving level:
900 meals per month

together, we feed
hungry families in need

Every month, our completed client projects add to our monthly giving to ShareTheMeal, a United Nations campaign to combat world hunger. Every meal that we donate helps save lives and bring kids and their parents closer to better lives.

current level:
900 meals/mo

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